The CEREC Advantage

Technology helps procure natural beautiful smiles! Technological advances in dental therapy drive us further into the realms of complete patient care, and the CEREC method is no exception. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or Ceramic REConstruction. It is a CAD/CAM system used to restore your tooth in one visit, and it has proved to be revolutionary in dental care.

Dr. Ogata creates beautiful smiles fast with CEREC

CEREC Solution

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) enables the dentist to accurately construct, produce and insert individual ceramic crowns. The precision with which the new tooth is created helps patients feel more comfortable and satisfied with the end result.

Why Choose a Dentist who offers CEREC?

Your dental care provider should strive to offer their patients with the most time- and cost-efficient procedures available! Indeed, the efficiency of CEREC directly impacts the patient where it matters the most – efficient and long-lasting restoration.

Advanced dental treatment with CEREC

Dr. Ogata uses the latest CEREC technology

• CEREC offers a one-stop shop for restorations. Integrating the process of design, milling, production, and finishing customized touches to the ceramic dentures cuts down the length of time, and number of visits necessary for patients to receive their new smile! Instead of multiple visits for fitting molds, crown placement, follow-up visits and so on, by using CEREC, the entire process can be done during an extended lunch-break!
• Ceramic crowns are more compatible with the body’s natural demands; unlike metal fillings, ceramic crowns are less likely to crack or break when exposed to changes in temperature.
• Because there is no extended wait-time throughout the process, there is no need to wear a temporary crown for 2-3 weeks. Temporary crowns are often discolored and uncomfortable.
• CEREC produces a more natural look! CAD/CAM technology provides dentists with the ability to precisely follow the contours of the patient’s natural tooth shape. Dentists use an intra-oral camera that captures an accurate record of the area for restoration, and the surrounding teeth and bite structure. The ceramic material used to create the crown is also more like the patient’s natural teeth, both in texture and color.
• Patients recover quickly. Thanks to the accuracy involved in the production process, such as producing contours and shapes that fit the patient’s bite structure, the tooth created by CEREC has a more natural feel. Recovery from the procedure is nominal and a patient will find they adjust more comfortably with the CEREC method than traditional restoration methods. Patients enjoy same-day results!

In order to qualify for CEREC, patients must be in good oral health, and this can be determined by your dental care provider. Talk to Dr. Ogata today about the CEREC method and discover how technology can provide you with a beautiful, natural smile!


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