Dental Implants Can Change your Life

We hear all kinds of “horror stories” about dentures – the most common being the sudden shift, or loss, of dentures during an important event, or a special occasion. That might be funny in a cartoon, but it’s not exactly amusing when it happens in reality!
The main issue at hand is providing dentures with the strength and stability they need to do their job, and yes, there is a solution!

Dental Implants are a permanent  solution

Dental Implants replace missing teeth

Solve Denture Problems with Dental Implants

A major component of dental implants is titanium alloy screws that fit the location the missing tooth’s root. Surgically implanted into the jaw bone, the screws are fitted with an abutment upon which the dentures are placed. Dentures can be stabilized with as little as two dental implants per bridge – upper and lower.
Dr. Ogata educates patients as they go through the dental implant process. He will create dental implants that look and feel as natural as your surrounding teeth!

The many benefits of a prosthetic root:

• It’s fast! Feel you don’t have the time for a surgical procedure? The procedure itself is not time consuming. There is no down-time after any portion of the procedure.
• Implants strengthen the jaw. Titanium alloy fuses to bone, which provides surrounding bone and tissue with more support, encouraging the tissue to regenerate and promote healthy growth. That’s the stability our patients need to live normal, healthy lives. Patients will feel a new-found confidence when smiling, eating, talking, and more!
• Implants are kinder to your other teeth. Because each screw is implanted where the root would be, no other tooth is affected. Disruption to the other teeth is common in the more traditional method of fixed bridge work. Implants do not negatively impact the health of the surrounding teeth.
• Get your smile back! Being able to feel secure with your dentures means not worrying about the natural movements of your face and jaw. Dr. Ogata will finish off your dental implants with customized crowns that fit your natural face shape and jaw line.

Regain your confidence and take advantage of this fast and effective procedure by talking to Dr. Ogata about your options. Let dental implants change your life, call for an appointment today!


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